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Welcome to my LiveJournal!  I don't post much here, to be honest, as I'm trying to separate RL and fandom a bit more.  There may be occasional friends-only posts here or links to new graphics or fic posts. 

I am now posting graphics at mosaically.

I occasionally post fic here, but I mostly just post that on my ffnet account.  

I am currently ACCEPTING friend requests, and, assuming you are not a troll, someone who writes a lot in ineligible colors, or one of my exes, then I'll probably friend you back.  :)
XMFC: E & C on steps

Advice on British Shows?

So I signed up for the British TV Technical Challenge that marcasite is holding, but I haven't seen a whole lot of any of the shows, except Sherlock and the first season of Merlin.  Recommendations on which show to start watching? 

Poll #1790835 Show Recs

Which British show should I watch next?

Being Human
Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
Secret Diary of a Call Girl
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So I'm about to post another set of textures on mosaically, but am torn between the style of the teasers.  I made 2 prototypes but am not sure if either is quite right.  What do you guys think? 

... and why is this not showing up as a poll.... grr LJ

Which of the two looks better? Or should I go with something else entirely?

First one with grey buttons
Second one with black buttons and borders
You should do something else entirely

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men: no lo comprendo

I can't believe it's women who get accused of being drama queens.  Every guy I've dated has been way more clingy AND way more drama-inclined than me.  Would it be sexist to just tell them all to man up?  Or maybe they just need to woman up...  I just don't get it.

The date I had planned with the clingy but surprisingly cute guy the day before -- the date I'd rescheduled like a bajillion times -- was officially nixed.  I was actually really starting to like him.  And he sure seemed into it.  Tries to talk every day (which I avoid).  Tries to gchat every day (again, I avoid).  Tries to text, especially during work, which, of course, I avoid.  And then, partway through a gchat with him that was taking up WAY too much of my work day, he sends me a text message saying he can't go out that night because I disrespected him.

Me: How?
Him: Just look at the gchat log. 

And what did the gchat log include? 

Me asking for the address of his gym. 

Because we were hoping to go to the gym together. 

He said he goes to Washington Sports Club, but he kept changing the topic or just answering "DC" when I asked which location (there are 18).  I'm kind of wondering if he was only pretending to be a member or something, but overall, it just seems so damn weird. 

How a guy goes from "I was shy the first date because I was so intimidated by how gorgeous you are and I was afraid that you saw me look at your chest", texting multiple times a day even when I am sooo bad at replying, generally being the one way more invested in the relationship, to just... this?

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Dance with Dragons

Needs to come out.  Now.  I ordered it, but of course not on time. Now I'm tempted to buy it as an ebook while i wait for my version.  Which would just be a tremendous waste of money.  But damn... I need to know what happens to Dany!  And I couldn't find the infamous spoilers, and I know I'm probably a bad fan for even looking for them.  I'm officially hooked on this series.  And mainly Dany.