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04 December 2011 @ 11:58 pm
Icons: Wonderous Stuff  
My thread at wonderous stuff is here.  Any comments there would really, really rock my socks.  That kind of feedback is basically the most useful thing ever.  You basically pick up to 6 of a particular maker's icons that you think are his or her best. 

@ wonderous-stuff

++ Also, some of you guys have seen the recent update on [info]wonderous_stuff, but, in case you missed it, my amazing co-maker at mosaically,[info]mancalahour, won 2nd place for up-and-coming maker there.  I think she mentioned one of the things she was nominated for, but, being a classy person with humility, she did not mention all of the other things (like individual icon categories) that she was nominated for there.  But I can.  Also, this whole competition is pretty much jawdroppingly stunning.  If you're interested in icon making (or just looking at incredible prettiness and creativity), go check it out at wonderous-stuff
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